Working Groups

Working Groups

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Eight different Work Groups will be simultaneously operative in this COST Action, to achieve the MAF World’ objectives.

A general coordination WG is needed, not only to manage organization and dynamics of all WGs, but also to disseminate and promote the MAF idea outside the network.
This WG aims to improve our understanding of the factors that have shaped the biogeographical distribution and richness of MAF life in European waters.
Many threats are responsible for the MAF transformation and degradation, whose intensity and typology can vary with the depth.
Marine historical ecology is an interdisciplinary research approach that draws upon historical sources to understand the dynamics and changes in marine ecosystems over decadal to centennial time scales, as well as the drivers of these changes.
This WG will help to better understand the constraints of several biological strategies in front of fast ocean changes.
The main goal of this WG is to bring out the link between ecosystems and human well-being and to identify possible gaps of knowledge among different stakeholders as well as strategies to overcome them.
The main objective of this WP is to evaluate the level of conservation of dwelling inside Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and propose conservation and/or restoration actions.
Effective communication and dissemination, including bottom-up initiatives are key factors that determine to a great extent the impact of the project in society.