Action Networking Tools

Networking is the essence of marine Animal Forest COST Action. The wide range of tools to gain experience, make new and lasting connections with other researchers, develop specific research objectives in other countries, will allow to discover and live qualified and skilled experiences for those who are selected and benefit from these opportunities.

An effective worldwide networking is a mandatory practice to strength research outcomes and community knowledge, essential elements for the conservation of the Marine Animal Forest of the world.

During the time of the Action, several networking tools as Training Schools, Conference Meetings, Short Term Scientific Missions, Workshops, will be open to participants according to the Agenda of the Action.

Training schools are intensive educative opportunities for Action participants on a specific topic related with the Action. Young researchers typically benefit from the training school initiative, but opportunities can also be offered more widely within the Action and can be useful for participants wishing to learn new skills or retrain.

Conference grants

These grants are aimed at young researchers and PhD students from Inclusive Target Countries (ITC) and help individuals attend beneficial international conferences that are not organised by COST Actions.

Any visit aimed to strengthen collaboration among researchers and Institutions or improve knowledge and skills of individuals. An STSM specifically contributes to the scientific objectives of MAF World, whilst allowing participants to learn new techniques, gain access to specific data, instruments or methods not available at their URI of affiliation, and establishing/reinforcing collaboration between researchers.

These meetings are organised by COST Action Management Committees (MC) in any COST Member State joining the network. They may be open to the wider community and provide opportunities to enhance the COST Action’s visibility. COST will contribute to the travel and subsistence costs of the invited participants in face-to-face meetings, and to the cost of organising the meeting.