Training Schools

Training Schools

Upcoming Training Schools

Training schools are intensive educative opportunities for Action participants on a specific topic related with the Action. Young researchers typically benefit from the training school initiative, but opportunities can also be offered more widely within the Action and can be useful for participants wishing to learn new skills or retrain.

The MAF-WORLD COST Action organised the training school on “Threats to Marine Animal Forests and actions for conservation/restoration” as part of WG3 and WG7 activities. The program comprises three days of training sessions, including field and lab work, and two days of workshops to develop the frameworks and initial drafts of manuscripts.
The workshop aims to address the fragmented nature of pre-industrial climate and human impact studies on marine ecosystems by gathering specialists from various disciplines, exchanging training on their methods, assessing the complementarity and compatibility of diverse data, and ultimately drafting a methodological paper on effectively combining these methods for ecosystem modelling.

Past Training Schools

For MAF-WORLD COST Action 20102, it is a pleasure to announce the training school “Habitat mapping and trophic ecology of Marine Animal Forests” that will be held in Portugal at the Center for Marine Sciences in Faro, on Sept 25th – Oct 1st 2023.
This training experience is about connecting the dots and seeing how each element can complement others to make an engaging history through exhibitions, Citizen science with a real field experience, writing, videos, and social networks within the framework of the Marine Animal Forest COST Action.