Cold-Water Coral Taxonomy Training school/workshop

Cold-Water Coral Taxonomy Training school/workshop

For MAF-WORLD COST Action 20102, it is a pleasure to announce the partnership in the Cold-Water Coral Taxonomy training school/workshop organised by iAtlanticthat will be held in Brazil from 15th to 17th of October, which is now open for registration.

This is an incredible opportunity to go beyond European frontiers and explore the deep floor Marine Animal Forest ecosystems in a unique training school within the frame of a project like iAtlantic.

Our Action will provide a limited number of travel bursaries to support wider participation at this event.  You will find full details and conditions to apply for travel support grants here.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for applications is 18:00 GMT on 31 August 2022. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

This training event is open to everyone, including those not part of the iAtlantic project. However, we do have limits on numbers and will manage registrations accordingly – we will endeavour to accommodate as many participants as possible, but if necessary, priority may be given to iAtlantic/MAF participants. Please register early!

Please find full details here.

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