Cold-water corals in aquaria: maintenance and experimentation

Cold-water corals in aquaria: maintenance and experimentation

Organizers: Marina Carreiro-Silva, Okeanos, U. of the Azores, Portugal; Maria Rakka, Oceanography Department, Dalhousie University, Canada

Venue and Timing: Hybrid format, John McIntyre Conference Centre – Pollock Halls Estate, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dates: Saturday June 3- Sunday June 4 2023

Overall goal: A workshop organised by IAtlantic in collaboration with COST Action MAF WORLD,  aims to provide practical guidance on the maintenance of cold-water corals (CWCs) in aquaria, offering an overview of the different aquaria systems, collection methods, feeding and daily care. It also provides talks by experienced researchers working with different CWC species in aquaria, addressing a variety of techniques for ecophysiological research, and using different life stages (adult and larval stages). Researchers will also provide advice on troubleshooting, how to address the challenges of experimental design and how to extrapolate data collected in the lab to the natural environment. We believe this workshop will be valuable to any researcher interested in conducting experimental work with cold-water corals in aquaria.

Application deadline: 10 March 2023

How to apply:

  • Registration is free but there is a limited number of available spots
  • Applications should include a CV and a short statement (<200 words) of why you want to participate in the workshop and how you will benefit from the training. Please also indicate whether you plan to participate in person or remotely.
  • Applications should be emailed to Vikki Gunn (
  • The deadline for applications is 10 March 2023

Notification of acceptance: Successful applicants will be notified by 20 March 2023 

Travel grants: Provided by the Marine Animal Forests of the world (MAF) COST framework. Grants are available to applicants who are affiliated to research organizations within the EU and associated countries of the MAF COST. Funds are available to cover round trip travel and/or per-diem cost for a limited number of participants who wish to attend the workshop in person. Applicants wishing to apply for travel funds should:

Session topics

  • Aquaria set up and conditions for CWC experimentation
  • Measuring Growth and Metabolic Responses
  • Feeding and metabolism
  • Experiments under changing ocean conditions
  • Reproduction and early life stages in aquaria
  • CWC ecophysiology: in situ approaches and transposing data from the lab to the field

Visit to St Abbs Marine Station: Practical examples on manipulation of carbonate chemistry, temperature and oxygen 

Prof. Andrea Gori, University of Barcelona, Spain/Prof. Ann Larsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden/ Dr. Covadonga Orejas, Instituto Español de Oceanografia, Spain/ Prof. Nadine Le Bris,Sorbonne University, France/Prof. Rhian Waller, University of Gothenburg, Sweden/ Dr. Sandra Maier, Greenland Climate Research Centre, Greenland/ Prof. Sam Dupont, University of Gothenburg, Sweden/Dr. Sebastian Hennige, The University of Edinburgh, UK

For more information, contact:

Marina Carreiro-Silva;

Maria Rakka